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Last active Mar 20, 2021
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Medieval Network!

In the early middle ages, where magic reigns and the dragons breath, the world nearly came to an end if not by the bravery of the mightiest wizards.
Those, who do their magic writing lines of gibberish language may now save the humanity, but not without a social network to orchestrate their plans.

Features that shall belong

Such a crucial network shall never see the light of the day having it not the following:

  • Wizard creation
    A wizard has no less than the following: name, age, gender, location (lat,long).
    A wizard has a bag as well, which shall be filled with gold, food, beer, life potions and mana potions (however those should be described during creation - after that one can only obtain items by trading with others!)

  • Wizard location update
    This way wizards shall coordinate their future attacks.

  • Flag a wizard as dead, along with their reason of death
    In a land of dragons, one may not be lucky at all times.

  • In order to avoid bad use of the network, one shall only be marked as dead have it achieved three reports. The reason of the death shall be kept with each report as well
    Needless to say, a defunct has no ability of trading with others.

  • Trade items The hocus pocus of the network, its biggest abracadabra against dragons, is its trading feature. With Medieval network a wizard shall be able to trade with others.
    In order for a trade to conceal, in must respect the table below. Otherwise, gold shall be used as well.

Item Value in gold
Food 1
Beer 2
Life potion 3
Mana potion 4
  • Reports Wizards are intelligent beings, and as such they shall keep a records with the following reports:
  1. Percentage of dead wizards
  2. Percentage of wizards alive
  3. Mean of qty of each item
  4. Average gold per wizard
  5. List of death reports
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