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ReactiveConf 2019 Resume

ReactiveConf 2019 Resume

Hi my people! I'm back from Prague where I attended

Since I consumed the whole thing, I'll give you all a curated resume of the talks I found interesting and think could be interesting for you to watch.

Backpressure: Resistance is NOT Futile


One of the few talks that was actually about reactivity. Interesting perspective; modeling of data as streams and the different ways in which that flow of input/output data relative velocity can be handled (buffering, dropping, scheduling) in a system. Worth a watch!

Mind-Reading with Intelligent & Adaptive UIs


It talks about representing your user flow as a state machine and weighing the connections with usage statistics so you can have a UI that adapts to the collective user usage, pretty cool stuff and interesting perspective on UX.

Panel: Why is the financial services industry struggling to embrace fintech?


Panel discussion where they discussed how tech is involved in finance. I think as developers we should listen to more stuff like this to get a more holistic view of what is going on out there. It had 40% bullshit (I sound intelligent while I say this but I'm not saying anything) 33% agreeable stuff and 27% insightful perspectives that you should check out.

Rethinking Design Practices


What I liked the most about this one was the concept of the "stack" element. Then all the other stuff was same old same old (for me) but it was overall a good presentation. – the State of the Art End-to-end Testing Tool


We're using Cypress so I think this is also a good talk to watch. It might be overlapping with documentation (and that is because Cypress has very good documentation) but it's a good condensation of how to use Cypress effectively.

Also I have stickers and little cartboard cheatsheets the speaker gave me that you can have for yourself, some swag (yey!)

Are we there yet? Remix


So, this was a talk by David Nolen (creator of ClojureScript) so I should mention it. Honestly he didn't say anything new, but I liked the part where he dug a little about Clojure Spec, so the following link has a timestamp to that part of the talk:

General experiences

The conf was well organized but most of the talks were completely outside the concept of Reactivity (for more information read this ) so much so Jay Phelps (he's really passionate about RxJS) told me he was kind of pissed they have the name "ReactiveConf". A lot of talks were super entry level.

I ended up just going directly to the speakers area and started speaking with everyone.

I got to have very interesting talks with David Nolen (cljs) and Richard Feldman (elm) about the history of functional programming, the drawbacks of OO and about a lang Feldman is trying to create. Also discussed with Feldman about having children and how can balance your time with work, innovation and family. The conclusion was "I don't know" and my point of view is to clearly determine your priorities and grab from top.

Also had interesting talk with Jay Phelps (RxJS) Sean Larkin (Webpack) Mark Dalgleish (CSS Modules) about monetizing your Open Source. It all started because Jay Phelps is trying to make a new language more appropriate for reactivity since he thinks RxJS is effectively another language that works on top of JS. I told him that since he's working for a financial company, he should get them to finance the creating of his lang. He had blocking beliefs about that and then Larkin was explaining the different methods he used to make Webpack a profitable endeavor (Larkin clearly had more sales perspective on OS, which I think is great)

Since I was chillin' with speakers, I was offered to be part of a panel where we talked to students and newcomers on how to get into the industry and give pragmatic tips. It went pretty well; I transformed my perspective into pragmatic tips that I hope helped the students have more actionable advice.

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