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Created Apr 5, 2021
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const dominoModule = require('domino');
const fsModule = require('fs');
const indexTemplate = fsModule.readFileSync('dist/browser/index.html').toString();
const win = dominoModule.createWindow(indexTemplate);
(global as any).window = win;
(global as any).document = win.document;
(global as any).Event = win.Event;
(global as any).HTMLElement = win.HTMLElement;
(global as any).KeyboardEvent = win.KeyboardEvent;
(global as any).MouseEvent = win.MouseEvent;
(global as any).FocusEvent = win.FocusEvent;
(global as any).object = win.object;
(global as any).navigator = win.navigator;
(global as any).localStorage = win.localStorage;
(global as any).sessionStorage = win.sessionStorage;
(global as any).DOMTokenList = win.DOMTokenList;
// Can add other options as per your application configuration
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