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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="Ribbon_Load">
<tab idMso="TabAddIns" label="Docxmerge">
<group id="ContentGroup" label="Template actions">
<button id="textButton" label="Upload"
screentip="Text" onAction="OnTextButton"
supertip="Inserts text at the cursor location."/>
<button id="tableButton" label="Insert Table"
screentip="Table" onAction="OnTableButton"
supertip="Inserts a table at the cursor location."/>
<backstage onShow="Backstage_OnShow" onHide="backstageOnHide">
<tab idMso="TabRecent">
<taskFormGroup idMso="GroupOpenPlaces">
<category idMso="ButtonCategoryRecentDocuments">
<task id="myTaskFirst" insertAfterMso="ButtonTaskRecentDocuments" label="Docxmerge">
<group id="myGroup" label="Custom functionality" helperText="This group contains custom functionality.">
<button id="myButton" label="Login with Docxmerge" onAction="CallLogin"/>
<!--<tab idMso="TabPrint" label="BackstageTab1" visible="false" />-->
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