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Custom CSS for EHfive's Mastodon instance (
/* START mastodon emoji scaling by */
.status__content:not(.status__content--collapsed) {
overflow: unset;
.account__header__content .emojione,
.reply-indicator__content .emojione,
.status__content:not(.status__content--collapsed) .emojione {
position: relative;
z-index: 10;
transform-origin: center;
/* Animation duration */
transition: 200ms ease-in-out;
.account__header__content .emojione:hover,
.reply-indicator__content .emojione:hover,
.status__content:not(.status__content--collapsed) .emojione:hover {
z-index: 11;
/* Scale up 2 times */
transform: scale(2);
/* shadows around image edges */
filter: drop-shadow(0 0 1px #282c37);
.directory__card .account__header__content .emojione:hover {
transform: unset;
/* END mastodon emoji scaling by */
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