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Last active Feb 14, 2018
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# Assuming you are using a Python shell like ipython.
# Create a Virtual env: `mktmpenv`
# Install Cloudify: `pip install cloudify`
# Open ipython: `ipython`.
from cloudify_rest_client import CloudifyClient
from copy import deepcopy
import json
manager_ip = '' # Set your own value here.
tenant = 'default_tenant' # Set your own value here.
username = 'admin' # Set your own value here.
password = 'admin' # Set your own value here.
execution_id = '4a03556f-41d0-43bc-8755-2951579c8f7c'
new_status = 'cancelled'
client = CloudifyClient(host=manager_ip, tenant=tenant, username=username, password=password)
client.executions.update(execution_id, status=new_status)
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