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Python script to reindex elasticsearch data to monthly indices
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from datetime import datetime
import time
es = Elasticsearch()
indices_state = es.cluster.state()['metadata']['indices']
for source_index in sorted(indices_state.keys(), reverse=True):
# Skip closed indices
if indices_state[source_index]['state'] != 'open':
print "Opening closed index {0}".format(source_index)
# Indices are called like this : "logstash-2016.10.07"
date = datetime.strptime(source_index, 'logstash-%Y.%m.%d')
except Exception, e:
# Index name does not match pattern, skip
destination_index = "logstash-{0}-{1}".format(date.year, date.month)
print "Reindexing data in index {0} into {1}".format(source_index, destination_index)
result = es.reindex({
"source": {"index": source_index},
"dest": {"index": destination_index}
}, wait_for_completion=True, request_timeout=300)
print result
if result['total'] and result['took'] and not result['timed_out']:
print "Seems reindex was successfull, going to delete the old index!"
es.indices.delete(source_index, timeout='300s')
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