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Created January 12, 2016 03:01
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Arduino sketch that sends an IR signal to turn Samsung TV on/off every time it receives a byte (any byte) using serial connection.
#include <IRremote.h>
IRsend irsend;
//samsung tv power on/off
unsigned int S_pwr[68]={4600,4350,700,1550,650,1550,650,1600,650,450,650,450,650,450,650,450,700,400,700,1550,650,1550,650,1600,650,450,650,450,650,450,700,450,650,450,650,450,650,1550,700,450,650,450,650,450,650,450,650,450,700,400,650,1600,650,450,650,1550,650,1600,650,1550,650,1550,700,1550,650,1550,650};
void setup()
void loop() {
if ( != -1) {
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