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@Elsopeen Elsopeen/error.log

Created Jun 26, 2020
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Can't infer types
src\main\java\com\Ultra_Nerd\CodeLyokoRemake15\Util\ error: incompatible types: cannot infer type-variable(s) M,U
ScreenManager.registerFactory(ModContainerTypes.CONTAINER_INFUSING.get(), InfusingChamberScreen::new);
(argument mismatch; cannot infer functional interface descriptor for IScreenFactory<ContainerInfusing,U>)
where M,U are type-variables:
M extends Container declared in method <M,U>registerFactory(ContainerType<? extends M>,IScreenFactory<M,U>)
U extends Screen,IHasContainer<M> declared in method <M,U>registerFactory(ContainerType<? extends M>,IScreenFactory<M,U>)
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