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@Elwell Elwell/planning
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Ideas for new Improved rotator control
Current "standard"
* 5500 or equivalent az/el rotator controller
* serial -> yaesu interface
* loadsa cables / boxes
New plan
* Keep the toggle switches from 5500 (nice n clunky) - even though a pair of centre off sprung would be more logical
* keep the analogue meters? 50mm height needed so >1u - UPDATE - No. Aim for 1U. Have a 2nd LCD display for Az/El current position
* Add in either LVB tracker or the arduino one
* Back panel - out with screw contacts and use something like
* USB host interface. needs to be plug n work with rotctld
* Ethernet interface? ditto.
* LCD status
Specific to my needs - Swap out 110v transformer for 240v one. Perhaps torroidal as low profile?
V0.2 plan is therefore:
* 1U 30cm deep chassis
* IEC Fused power
* low profile (must fit in box) transformer
* AC->DC converter and run all electronics of 5V
* Drop the GS232 din port off the back
* Use a Beaglebone Black - Gives us decent CPU + Ethernet + storage to add in
** Automated TLE download - possible to select and autotrack
** Web Status
** Many GPIO - can I drive the L/R/U/D relays via GPIO and simplify lots?
(RPi would do too, but then depends on SD card access)
* LHS LCD to give Status - Current pos + Moving indicator
* LEDs while moving
* Buttons for manual control
RHS LCD + rotary encoder - select satellite to track - Display AOS/EOS when done.
* Mains switch
* Integrated GPS - 2 advantages - Current position known for pass calculation, and accurate timekeeping (NTP Server)
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