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Simple vector-implementation in C
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "vector.h"
void vector_init(vector *v)
v->data = NULL;
v->size = 0;
v->count = 0;
int vector_count(vector *v)
return v->count;
void vector_add(vector *v, void *e)
if (v->size == 0) {
v->size = 10;
v->data = malloc(sizeof(void*) * v->size);
memset(v->data, '\0', sizeof(void) * v->size);
// condition to increase v->data:
// last slot exhausted
if (v->size == v->count) {
v->size *= 2;
v->data = realloc(v->data, sizeof(void*) * v->size);
v->data[v->count] = e;
void vector_set(vector *v, int index, void *e)
if (index >= v->count) {
v->data[index] = e;
void *vector_get(vector *v, int index)
if (index >= v->count) {
return v->data[index];
void vector_delete(vector *v, int index)
if (index >= v->count) {
v->data[index] = NULL;
int i, j;
void **newarr = (void**)malloc(sizeof(void*) * v->count * 2);
for (i = 0, j = 0; i < v->count; i++) {
if (v->data[i] != NULL) {
newarr[j] = v->data[i];
v->data = newarr;
void vector_free(vector *v)
int main(void)
vector v;
vector_add(&v, "emil");
vector_add(&v, "hannes");
vector_add(&v, "lydia");
vector_add(&v, "olle");
vector_add(&v, "erik");
int i;
printf("first round:\n");
for (i = 0; i < vector_count(&v); i++) {
printf("%s\n", vector_get(&v, i));
vector_delete(&v, 1);
vector_delete(&v, 3);
printf("second round:\n");
for (i = 0; i < vector_count(&v); i++) {
printf("%s\n", vector_get(&v, i));
return 0;
#ifndef VECTOR_H__
#define VECTOR_H__
typedef struct vector_ {
void** data;
int size;
int count;
} vector;
void vector_init(vector*);
int vector_count(vector*);
void vector_add(vector*, void*);
void vector_set(vector*, int, void*);
void *vector_get(vector*, int);
void vector_delete(vector*, int);
void vector_free(vector*);

Do you have a license in mind for this gist? Can we assume it's an MIT license?


There is a bug in vector_delete. The v->size should be updated after new array is allocated (because it has different size than the old one). This leads to memory leaks and/or segfaults.


for vector_add, is it should be "memset(v->data, '\0', sizeof(void *) * v->size)", not sizeof(void)


vector_delete doesn't have to reallocate a new memory block. Especially if you aren't changing the size of the array and are only allowing one item to be deleted at a time, then just start at the index that you are going to delete and shift everything down one, setting the last index to NULL.

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