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Adding virtualenv and conda support to Oh My Zsh Bira theme

Steps to add virtualenv and conda support to Bira theme

  • Add the virtualenv plugin to ~/.zshrc and make sure these lines are in ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/virtualenv/virtualenv.plugin.zsh

    # disables prompt mangling in virtual_env/bin/activate
    #Disable conda prompt changes
    #changeps1: False
    `conda config --set changeps1 false`
  • Add these two helper functions to ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/bira.zsh-theme (add them near the top, not at the end)

    function venv_info {
        if [[ -n "$VIRTUAL_ENV" ]]; then
            echo "%{$fg[green]%}‹${VIRTUAL_ENV:t}›%{$reset_color%}"
    function conda_info {
        if [[ -n "$CONDA_DEFAULT_ENV" ]]; then
            echo "%{$fg[green]%}‹${CONDA_DEFAULT_ENV}›%{$reset_color%}"
    local venv='$(venv_info)'
    local conda='$(conda_info)'
  • Add it to the prompt

    Look for the PROMPT variable in the same file and add ${conda} ${venv} to it (The order in which they should appear is your preference). It should look like this

    PROMPT="╭─${user_host} ${current_dir} ${rvm_ruby} ${git_branch} ${conda} ${venv}
    ╰─%B${user_symbol}%b "
  • Source ~/.zshrc to see if changes have taken place

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