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Plans for the Future of Embers, Roots and more!
So after looking into Elucent's mods and brainstorming for a while, I have decided what I am going to do to continue these mods. This will be a multistep process that will take a fair bit of time I suspect, but it will be worth it in the long run.
The first step will involve replacing Elulib with a new mod MysticLib. This mod will contain all useful features of Elulib after they have been cleaned up and documented, as well as any overlapping utilities between the mods. This includes stuff like guide books, multiblock code and more. For the player, this just means future versions of any of these mods will rely on this.
Alongside MysticLib, Mystic World will be expanded to include base content from across the various Mystic Mods (roots, embers, etc.). This will be stuff like entities, base items and blocks, and structure generation. Everything in this will be configurable as well, and have the option to disable relevant content automatically if the mod it is for is not loaded.
As for content mod updates, I will be working on a new version of Roots, Embers, and Gadgetry. Roots will be revamped with heavy inspiration from Roots 1 to create Roots 3. Embers will be updated with Bord's Embers Rekindled before any major revamps for Embers 2. Gadgetry will take on many of the mechanical ideas for Embers, becoming simpler and better suited as an acceptable tech mod for a magic only pack.
I will also be working on Eidolon and another magic mod that Elucent and I were collaborating on. No details for what this will look like yet, but I have plans.
Finally Blockcraftery will be updated to use MysticLib and maintained by me for now. All these mods will have their source published on github in the near future.
tl;dr I will be working on Mystic World and MysticLib for Roots 3, Embers 2 and a new and improved Gadgetry. Eidolon and another unnamed mod are also in the works. Blockcraftery will also be maintained
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