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#-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import os
import pprint
import internetarchive
def _search_collection(collection_name):
""" Searches the internet archive for the specified collection.
if no items are found for the collection it returns None otherwise
the Search object is returned.
collection = internetarchive.search_items('collection:{}'.format(collection_name))
if collection.num_found == 0:
return None
return collection
def _get_item_data(item):
data = internetarchive.get_item(item.get('identifier'))
original_size = 0
total_size = 0
for f in data.files:
total_size += int(f.get('size',0))
if f['source'] == 'original':
if f['name'].endswith('_files.xml'):
xml_file = data.get_file(data.identifier + '_files.xml')
size = os.path.getsize(data.identifier + '_files.xml')
os.remove(data.identifier + '_files.xml')
original_size += size
total_size += size
original_size += int(f.get('size',0))
return total_size,original_size
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print('Missing parameter: collection name')
collection = sys.argv[1]
print('Getting data for the collection {}'.format(collection))
collection_data = _search_collection(collection)
if not collection:
print('No collection {} found'.format(collection))
num_items = collection_data.num_found
print('Found {} items in the collection {}'.format(num_items, collection))
proccessed = 1
# Note the internetarchive library does a http request for each item so this
# could take some time.
collection_original_size = 0
collection_total_size = 0
for item in collection_data:
print('[{}/{}] Processing item {}'.format(proccessed, num_items, item['identifier']))
proccessed += 1
t,o = _get_item_data(item)
collection_original_size += o
collection_total_size += t
print('Total collection file size: {}'.format(collection_total_size))
print('Total collection original file size: {}'.format(collection_original_size))
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