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Write Cpu and Memory to a Power BI Streaming dataset
$endpoint = "<<Your Endpoint comes here>>"
$ComputerCPU = (Get-WmiObject -Class win32_processor -ErrorAction Stop | Measure-Object -Property LoadPercentage -Average | Select-Object Average).Average
$ComputerMemory = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_operatingsystem -ErrorAction Stop
$UsedMemory = $ComputerMemory.TotalVisibleMemorySize - $ComputerMemory.FreePhysicalMemory
$Memory = (($UsedMemory/ $ComputerMemory.TotalVisibleMemorySize)*100)
$RoundMemory = [math]::Round($Memory, 2)
$Date = Get-Date -DisplayHint Date -Format MM/dd/yyyy
$Time = Get-Date -DisplayHint Time -Format HH:mm:ss
$payload = @{
"Date" =$Date
"Time" =$Time
"CPU" = $ComputerCPU
"Memory" = $RoundMemory
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri "$endpoint" -Body (ConvertTo-Json @($payload))
Write-Host "Date: " $Date " Time: " $Time " CPU: " $ComputerCPU " Memory: " $RoundMemory
sleep 2
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