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Created Feb 28, 2015
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Full 0.5.9 Changelog
  • 60f1205 Version bump to 0.5.9 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 879b6af Display serverside HTML notifications correctly - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8553644 Add compatibility notice to README - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0e80d77 Only import can override published_by - Hannah Wolfe
  • cde1842 Check ids match on edit - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8be8831 Validate urls in modal - Hannah Wolfe
  • e75939c Mark html notifications as html-safe, else escape - Hannah Wolfe
  • a9389bf Upgrading Casper to 1.1.6 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2450f18 Make the {{navigation}} helper global - Hannah Wolfe
  • 65fe737 Adding npm shrinkwrap during release - Hannah Wolfe
  • e7246a4 Upgrade express.js to 4.12 - Fabian Becker
  • 515abc3 Simplify navigation item reordering - Jason Williams
  • 70a200d Remove navigation config flag - Hannah Wolfe
  • 299fbf9 Don't save if nav items have empty labels Closes #4942, Closes #4944 - Also adds the order prop to the lastItem on save, so it doesn't jump about - Matt Enlow
  • 1f195bd Fix navigation deletion Closes #4928 - Matt Enlow
  • 10d6838 Remove odd duplication from permissions.json - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2843a35 Add order property when parsing Navigation JSON - Paul Adam Davis
  • 1bac657 Run listener callbacks in Ember run-loops - Jason Williams
  • 914d2fa Add error class styles for inputs - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6648a17 Added Script to Not Auto Link and Added Test - David Balderston
  • 196cd89 Add grunt testem alias + some DRY in Gruntfile.js - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2b1bf96 Fixed Bug Showing Full HTML Inside Code Block - David Balderston
  • 01dc9bd Ensure internal nav items have a trailing slash - Hannah Wolfe
  • 6d42df0 Navigation helper amends - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0c429c3 Minor grammatical fixes to - Jimmy Hsu
  • 4a2963a Use placeholder only for last item - Hannah Wolfe
  • d28ffef Add {{navigation}} helper - Marcos Ojeda
  • 6cc715d Adjust reauth modal to handle removal of proxying - Jason Williams
  • 69f9cc5 set reset-password button disabled while submitting form - 1Pete
  • eaee936 Don't pass external urls through createUrl - Hannah Wolfe
  • 68eb6b6 Drag & Drop Navigation Reordering - Paul Adam Davis
  • 762a47b Add Post Image to RSS Feed - Felix Rieseberg
  • 2a91a10 Update Ember to 1.10.0 - Jason Williams
  • 19ea182 Remove duplicate 'an' - rmfx
  • e0e39aa Retry API request when buildAboutPage gets 202 - Jason Williams
  • d04303d Update validator dependency - Fabian Becker
  • 921f7da Fix error in generating absolute URLs for RSS - Jason Williams
  • f492502 Update grunt-sass to 0.17.0 - Paul Adam Davis
  • 8d7b003 Add tests for client controllers - Jason Williams
  • d60fff9 Add tests for admin client models - Jason Williams
  • 6361976 ignore non-words in word counter - Harry Hope
  • 15fcc80 Fix regression in re-setting slug on untitled post - Jason Williams
  • 6f45776 Update urlFor to handle 'nav' contexts - Marcos Ojeda
  • db693b5 Do not add autofocus attribute unless set to focus - Jason Williams
  • 35ddf18 Move bottom notifications outlet outside of - Paul Adam Davis
  • 571c9b6 Simplify url preview component, add test - Jason Williams
  • 56e9f09 Update user image styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 61a6197 Fix layout error when there's no user name - Paul Adam Davis
  • 4eee52d Add cache invalidation header when updating tags - Hannah Wolfe
  • b3ed3d7 Add new navigation item on enter key - Jason Williams
  • f0ae1fa Set 'value' property before a dependent CP is used - Jason Williams
  • f794490 Update Ember-Data, remove unneeded code - Jason Williams
  • d54af1b Update content list styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 7f9d10a Assign a higher priority to featured posts in the sitemap - Andrew Chilton
  • d633ffc Remove jshint rules that are no longer supported - Jason Williams
  • 4e8dc4f Make preview URLs include trailing slash when slug is given - Andrew Chilton
  • b06d2a6 Use path-match to match routes instead of Router - Jason Williams
  • 786ec6b Format database-related error responses - Jason Williams
  • 0fc152b Fix up users API so admin role can edit owner - Jason Williams
  • 7578d67 Fixup finding user by role name - Jason Williams
  • d446ad8 Implement Navigation item input behaviors - Jason Williams
  • d5d7919 Assume datetime in import filename is UTC - Jason Williams
  • 770317b Refactor: Make checkSSL unit-testable and add unit tests for it. - Mark Stosberg
  • 094d6df Make HTTPS compatible with a Ghost module closes #4434 - Change an incorrect redirect - Josh Vanderwillik
  • 90ac1fd Fix footnote handling for n-digit numbers - Fabian Becker
  • 1c07273 Update grunt-jscs dependency - Jason Williams
  • aee472e Check all users when generating slug - Jason Williams
  • a007ae1 Connect Navigation page to live data - Jason Williams
  • 7090fa0 Fix user role select - Fabian Becker
  • 2debe1c Remove extra brackets from - Hannah Wolfe
  • 9151f53 Don't assume order of results in import test - Jason Williams
  • a63d3ec Fix typo in disallow-object-controller - Ivan Votti
  • 0e2709c [API] Retrieve next and previous post - Eugene Kulabuhov
  • f90cb0c Update Image URL Input Styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6cc5a58 Navigation UI Ember Integration - Paul Adam Davis
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