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Created June 18, 2024 06:42
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";
contract HotelBooking {
address public owner;
IERC20 public token;
enum RoomCategory { Presidential, Deluxe, Suite }
struct Review {
address guest;
uint8 rating;
string comment;
struct Room {
uint256 id;
RoomCategory category;
uint256 pricePerNight;
bool isAvailable;
Review[] reviews;
struct Booking {
address guest;
uint256 roomId;
uint256 checkInDate;
uint256 checkOutDate;
mapping(uint256 => Room) public rooms;
mapping(uint256 => Booking) public roomBookings;
uint256 public roomCount;
event RoomAdded(uint256 roomId, string category, uint256 pricePerNight);
event RoomBooked(uint256 roomId, address guest, uint256 checkInDate, uint256 checkOutDate);
event RoomAvailabilityChanged(uint256 roomId, bool isAvailable);
event ReviewAdded(uint256 roomId, address guest, uint8 rating, string comment);
event TokensWithdrawn(address indexed owner, uint256 amount);
modifier onlyOwner() {
require(msg.sender == owner, "Only the owner can perform this action");
modifier roomExists(uint256 roomId) {
require(roomId < roomCount, "Room does not exist");
modifier validRating(uint8 rating) {
require(rating > 0 && rating <= 5, "Rating must be between 1 and 5");
constructor(address _token) {
owner = msg.sender;
token = IERC20(_token);
function addRoom(RoomCategory category, uint256 pricePerNight) public onlyOwner {
uint256 roomId = roomCount++;
Room storage room = rooms[roomId]; = roomId;
room.category = category;
room.pricePerNight = pricePerNight;
room.isAvailable = true;
emit RoomAdded(roomId, getCategoryString(category), pricePerNight);
function setRoomAvailability(uint256 roomId, bool isAvailable) public onlyOwner roomExists(roomId) {
rooms[roomId].isAvailable = isAvailable;
emit RoomAvailabilityChanged(roomId, isAvailable);
function bookRoomByCategory(RoomCategory category, uint256 checkInDate, uint256 checkOutDate) public {
require(checkInDate < checkOutDate, "Invalid booking dates");
uint256 roomId = findAvailableRoomByCategory(category);
require(roomId != type(uint256).max, "No available room in the requested category");
uint256 totalPrice = (checkOutDate - checkInDate) * rooms[roomId].pricePerNight;
require(token.balanceOf(msg.sender) >= totalPrice, "Insufficient token balance");
require(token.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), totalPrice), "Token transfer failed");
roomBookings[roomId] = Booking({
guest: msg.sender,
roomId: roomId,
checkInDate: checkInDate,
checkOutDate: checkOutDate
rooms[roomId].isAvailable = false;
emit RoomBooked(roomId, msg.sender, checkInDate, checkOutDate);
function addReview(uint256 roomId, uint8 rating, string memory comment) public roomExists(roomId) validRating(rating) {
guest: msg.sender,
rating: rating,
comment: comment
emit ReviewAdded(roomId, msg.sender, rating, comment);
function findAvailableRoomByCategory(RoomCategory category) internal view returns (uint256) {
for (uint256 i = 0; i < roomCount; i++) {
if (rooms[i].category == category && rooms[i].isAvailable) {
return rooms[i].id;
return type(uint256).max; // Return a max value to indicate no available room
function getRoomDetails(uint256 roomId) public view roomExists(roomId) returns (
string memory category, uint256 pricePerNight, bool isAvailable, Review[] memory reviews
) {
Room memory room = rooms[roomId];
return (getCategoryString(room.category), room.pricePerNight, room.isAvailable,;
function getBookingDetails(uint256 roomId) public view roomExists(roomId) returns (
address guest, uint256 checkInDate, uint256 checkOutDate, string memory category
) {
Booking memory booking = roomBookings[roomId];
Room memory room = rooms[roomId];
return (booking.guest, booking.checkInDate, booking.checkOutDate, getCategoryString(room.category));
function getCategoryString(RoomCategory category) internal pure returns (string memory) {
if (category == RoomCategory.Presidential) {
return "Presidential";
} else if (category == RoomCategory.Deluxe) {
return "Deluxe";
} else if (category == RoomCategory.Suite) {
return "Suite";
return "";
function getAllRooms() public view returns (Room[] memory) {
Room[] memory allRooms = new Room[](roomCount);
for (uint256 i = 0; i < roomCount; i++) {
allRooms[i] = rooms[i];
return allRooms;
function withdrawTokens(uint256 amount) public onlyOwner {
require(token.balanceOf(address(this)) >= amount, "Insufficient balance in contract");
require(token.transfer(owner, amount), "Token transfer failed");
emit TokensWithdrawn(owner, amount);
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