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Simon Ouderkirk Essayoh

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import csv
with open("Meteorite_Landings.csv","rb") as source:
rdr= csv.reader(source)
with open("results.csv","wb") as result:
wtr= csv.writer( result )
for r in rdr:
del r[-3:]
del r[:4]
del r[-2]
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rawdata = read.csv("~/Documents/Meteorite/minimeteor.csv")
p <- qplot(log(mass), data=rawdata, binwidth=.4)
p + theme_bw() + geom_histogram(color="black", fill="steelblue")
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
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Since the last update I can't use my regular photo viewer to choose pictures from my post. I now have a list of images that seem to come from my tablet but not it's sd card; where all my images are. I have around 30,000 images in various picture folders (I am travelling and have a 128GB sd card in my tablet where my images are stored) and this update to 3.9 has made choosing images impossible.
I have two possible workarounds. Either I upload the images to google or similar and put a link in the post to them. Or my second option is to upload the images in the WordPress app through the media menu item and then choose these images I want in the post using your new chooser interface.
Honestly I see what you are trying to do with the new interface but it does limit the user as to how they choose their images. Handing this task over to the operating system, as it was before, makes more sense and makes your app lighter.
Please switch back to the normal way of adding images. Updating posts on tablets and phones ha