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Evan Purkhiser EvanPurkhiser

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evan on server ☳ › /usr/bin/find /mnt/documents/ -type f -name '._*' -or -name .DS_Store
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S2_E09.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S3_E10.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S2_E07.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S1_E02.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S3_E01.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S2_E08.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S3_E09.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S3_E03.mkv
/mnt/documents/multimedia/videos/series/Game of Thrones/._S3_E04.mkv
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Users and logs provide clues. Sentry provides answers.

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sentry on evanp-work 🐍 › git shortlog -sne
11221 David Cramer <>
1803 Matt Robenolt <>
1716 ckj <>
1458 Armin Ronacher <>
777 Billy Vong <>
740 Lyn Nagara <>
652 Ben Vinegar <>
493 Evan Purkhiser <>
412 Jess MacQueen <>
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/*eslint-env node*/
/*eslint import/no-nodejs-modules:0 */
const path = require('path');
const config = {
extends: ['sentry-app'],
globals: {
GSTestStubs: true,
MockApiClient: true,
require: false,
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const localeCatalog = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(localeCatalogPath, 'utf8'));
// moment uses a lowercase IETF language tag, while django uses the underscore
// with uppercase syntax
const normalizeLocale = locale => locale.toLowerCase().replace('_', '-');
const supportedLocales = localeCatalog.supported_locales;
const normalizedSuppotedLocales =;
// A mapping of chunk groups used for locale code splitting
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const translateX = x => `translateX(${x === 'middle' ? '-50%' : 0})`;
const slideTranslateY = y => `translateY(${{top: -1, bottom: 1}[y] * 14}px)`;
const slideIn = p => keyframes`
from {
transform: ${translateX(p.position.x)} ${slideTranslateY(p.position.y)};
to {
transform: ${translateX(p.position.x)} translateY(0;
class ClientTokenRefresh(object):
ClientTokenRefresh provides functionality to refresh Identity and
Integration access tokens for integration API clients.
Not all integrations will need this as some use non-expiring tokens.
def check_auth(cls, model, force_refresh=False, refresh_strategy=None, **kwargs):
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Pioneer prolink-tools

Build Status

Prolink Tools is a collection of software that can be used to interact with the Pioner Pro DJ Link functionality that many of Pioneer's DJ equipment is compatable with.

  • prolink-server
View derp.go
struct CircutBreakerDB {
db.NormalDbInterface // Whatever this is actually called, the interface
func (db *CircutBreakerDB) MethodYourOverriding(whatever args) {

Reproduction case for the error:

yarn install --ignore-optional
yarn install v1.2.0
[1/4] 🔍  Resolving packages...
[2/4] 🚚  Fetching packages...
[3/4] 🔗  Linking dependencies...
[4/4] 📃  Building fresh packages...
[1/1] ⠄ phantomjs-prebuilt
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