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Last active Jul 6, 2020
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PICO-8 Export Automator
:: Example for Celeste
export celeste "-f -w -i 26"
:: ********** Instructions **********
:: Create a file with any name ending in .cmd
:: If file doesn't have the same / similar icon as this file,
:: try copying this file and deleting the contents.
:: Edit the file and insert this one line:
:: export filename
:: (Replace filename with your p8 file)
:: For additional export arguments, add them after the filename in quotes:
:: export filename "-f -p one_button -w -i 7 -c 16 -e readme.txt"
:: *** HTML Export Arguments ***
:: -f exports the HTML to a filename_html folder for easier uploading
:: -p uses a custom HTML template placed in %AppData%\pico-8\plates
:: In the above example, one_button.html would be used
:: -w exports the HTML as WASM + JS, which results in a smaller and faster
:: HTML export, but is still experimental
:: *** Binary Export Arguments ***
:: Without these arguments, the cartridge label is used as the icon
:: -i chooses the icon index for the export icon
:: -s chooses the export icon size
:: 3 would produce a 24x24 icon
:: -c chooses the transparent color for the export icon
:: 0 (black) is default and 16 is no transparency
:: -e allows you to include an extra file in the exports
:: In the above example, readme.txt would be included
:: Only one extra file can be included
:: Up to 16 additional carts can be bundled with the third argument:
:: export filename "" dat.p8
:: export filename "args" "dat1.p8 dat2.p8 game2.p8"
:: If you have no args when using this option, args needs to be set to ""
:: If only bundling one extra cart, quotes are optional
:: Extra carts can be accessed as if they were local files:
:: RELOAD(0,0,0x2000, "DAT1.P8") -- load spritesheet from DAT1.P8
:: LOAD("GAME2.P8") -- load and run another cart
@echo off
path %ProgramFiles%\PICO-8;%PATH%
path %ProgramFiles(x86)%\PICO-8;%PATH%
path %AppData%\itch\apps\pico-8\pico-8;%PATH%
:: For custom PICO-8 path, remove the :: on the next line.
:: path C:\path-to-pico8;%PATH%
if [%1]==[] goto :noarg
if not exist %1 if not exist %1.p8 if not exist %1.png if not exist %1.p8.png goto :noarg
if not [%2]==[] (
echo Export arguments: %~2
) else (
echo Export arguments: None
if not [%3]==[] (
echo Extra carts: %~3
) else (
echo Extra carts: None
:: These are both deleted in case the user disables WASM export
if exist %~n1_html (
rmdir /S /Q %~n1_html
if exist %~n1_html goto :failed
if exist %~n1.wasm (
del %~n1.wasm
if exist %~n1.wasm goto :failed
if exist %~n1.bin (
rmdir /S /Q %~n1.bin
if exist %~n1.bin goto :failed
:: This requires at least PICO-8 0.2.1
echo Exporting: %~n1.p8.png
pico8 %1 -F -export "%~n1.p8.png %~3"
if errorlevel 1 goto :picofailed
echo Exporting: %~n1.html
pico8 %1 -F -export "%~2 %~n1.html %~3"
if errorlevel 1 goto :picofailed
:: Zip up HTML folder for
if exist %~n1_html (
echo Archiving: %~n1_html
cd %~n1_html
PowerShell -Command "Compress-Archive *"
cd ..
if errorlevel 1 goto :failed
echo Exporting: %~n1.bin
pico8 %1 -F -export "%~2 %~n1.bin %~3"
if errorlevel 1 goto :picofailed
echo Finished!
echo Note that %~n1.bin and %~n1_html (if created) will be deleted if you
echo use this script again. Don't place anything important in those folders.
echo Also, if something didn't export correctly, please update PICO-8.
goto :end
echo Cartridge file not provided or found.
echo Please edit %~nx0 in Notepad and see instructions at top.
goto :end
echo Operation failed. See above error message.
echo :end
echo Operation failed. If PICO-8 isn't in default location,
echo please add the path to the top of %~nx0 or in your own file.
echo In addition, make sure PICO-8 is up-to-date.
goto :end
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