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A CRUD Tasks contract
pragma solidity ^0.8.6;
contract TaskCrud {
struct Task {
uint id;
string name;
string description;
Task[] tasks;
uint nextId; // default value 0, add public to see the value
function createTask(string memory _name, string memory _description) public {
tasks.push(Task(nextId, _name, _description));
function findIndex(uint _id) internal view returns (uint) {
for (uint i = 0; i < tasks.length; i++) {
if (tasks[i].id == _id) {
return i;
revert("Task not found");
function updateTask(uint _id, string memory _name, string memory _description) public {
uint index = findIndex(_id);
tasks[index].name = _name;
tasks[index].description = _description;
function readTask(uint _id) public view returns (uint, string memory, string memory) {
uint index = findIndex(_id);
return (tasks[index].id, tasks[index].name, tasks[index].description);
function deleteTask(uint _id) public {
uint index = findIndex(_id);
delete tasks[index];
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