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Alternative clone script in PowerShell
if(-not $env:appveyor_pull_request_number) {
git clone -q --branch=$env:appveyor_repo_branch$env:appveyor_repo_name.git $env:appveyor_build_folder
git checkout -qf $env:appveyor_repo_commit
} else {
git clone -q$env:appveyor_repo_name.git $env:appveyor_build_folder
git fetch -q origin +refs/pull/$env:appveyor_pull_request_number/merge:
git checkout -qf FETCH_HEAD
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sergey-s-betke commented Jul 4, 2016

Where is --recursive for submodules?

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excitoon commented Dec 28, 2018

@sergey-s-betke This is kinda vanilla clone script, where one can add any options she wants.

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