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Install and configure Ruby and Ruby DevKit on Windows

Ruby Devkit Windows


*nix is much better for development in general, and those who disagree are just plain wrong (in my supreme opinion). Still, sometimes we are forced to work on Windows (someone from “above” orders such an unspeakable thing, and the others, lesser human beings are oblidged to comply).

Ruby Installer

Download: Ruby Installer Downloads

Install Ruby somewhere in under C:\, like C:\Ruby25-x64, and make sure to check the option that adds Ruby executables to your path, and also check the option to associate .rb files with the Ruby installation.


Here for the deprecated < 2.4: Ruby DevKit < 2.4

Install it under <Path-To-Your-Ruby-Install-Div\devkit, something like:


With the command line, navigate to that directory and run:

ruby dk.rb init


Then open C:\Ruby25-x64\devkit\config.yml and add the line:

- C:/Ruby25-x64

Note that we used a forward slash “/” in this specific case, not the windows style backslash “\”.

Then run:

ruby dk.rb install

Gems Sources

And we also need setup the gem sources. For this company, we need to remove the “https” url because the firewall is blocking it for some reason… and… add only the “http” one.

gem sources --add
gem sources --remove
gem sources --clear
gem sources --update

If you don’t understand those commands, try reading:

gem sources --help
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