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mysql backup cron
#! /usr/bin/php -q
define('_STATEDIR', '/data/state/');
define('_ROOTPASS', 'root password for mysql');
# connexion a la base
$conn = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', _ROOTPASS);
if (!$conn) die ('erreur connexion DB '.mysql_error());
$f = mysql_query("SHOW DATABASES");
if (!$f) die ('erreur SHOW DATABASES '.mysql_error());
while ($t = mysql_fetch_row($f)) {
if (!in_array($t[0], array('mysql')))
function backup_base($base) {
$f = mysql_query("SHOW TABLES FROM $base");
if (!$f) die ('erreur SHOW TABLES '.mysql_error());
printf ("\n% 20s: ", $base);
while ($t = mysql_fetch_row($f)) {
backup_table($t[0], $base);
# regler les droits des shim_**
if (preg_match(',^shim_,', $base)
AND is_dir(_STATEDIR."mysql/$base"))
system("chown -R $base.$base "._STATEDIR."mysql/$base");
function backup_table($table, $base) {
# ne pas backuper spip_index***
if (preg_match(',^spip_index,', $table)) {
echo "-";
# dumper la table dans le repertoire _STATEDIR/mysql/$base/
@mkdir (_STATEDIR."mysql/$base");
chdir (_STATEDIR."mysql/$base")
OR die ("erreur chdir "._STATEDIR."mysql/$base");
system("mysqldump --opt -uroot -p"._ROOTPASS." '$base' '$table'| gzip - > "._STATEDIR."mysql/$base/$table.gz");
echo "+";
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