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Create a residual layer in Keras to be used with Sequential() models
from keras.engine.topology import Layer
from keras.layers importActivation, Conv2D, Add
class Residual(Layer):
def __init__(self, channels_in,kernel,**kwargs):
super(Residual, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.channels_in = channels_in
self.kernel = kernel
def call(self, x):
# the residual block using Keras functional API
first_layer = Activation("linear", trainable=False)(x)
x = Conv2D( self.channels_in,
x = Activation("relu")(x)
x = Conv2D( self.channels_in,
residual = Add()([x, first_layer])
x = Activation("relu")(residual)
return x
def compute_output_shape(self, input_shape):
return input_shape
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