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Solution for the first question of the Google Code Jam 2018. (It passes the first round of tests, but is to slow for the second; thus requires runtime optimization. Can you see what could be changed? :) )
from collections import deque
import sys
def get_damage(sequence):
current_strength = 1
damage = 0
for char in sequence:
if char == "C":
current_strength *= 2
if char == "S":
damage += current_strength
return damage
def get_nodes(sequence):
list_sequence = list(sequence)
children = list()
for idx in range(len(list_sequence) - 1):
new_node = list_sequence.copy()
new_node[idx], new_node[idx + 1] = new_node[idx + 1], new_node[idx]
return children
def get_moves(initial_sequence, shield):
q = deque()
# tupel in queue:
# (damage, node, num_swaps)
visited = dict()
current_best = (get_damage(initial_sequence),initial_sequence, 0)
while q:
damage, node, num_swaps = q.pop()
if damage <= shield:
return (damage, node, num_swaps)
if damage < current_best[0]:
current_best = (damage, node, num_swaps)
if node in visited:
visited[node] = (damage, num_swaps)
for child in get_nodes(node):
dmg = get_damage(child)
q.appendleft((dmg, child, num_swaps + 1))
return (current_best[0],current_best[1],"IMPOSSIBLE")
# do pruning on minimum damage and max
def read_file(location):
with open(location, "r") as f:
return next_case(f)
def next_case(file):
test_cases = list()
num_cases = file.readline()
for line in file:
line = line[:-1]
shield, sequence = line.split(" ")
test_cases.append((int(shield), sequence))
return test_cases
if __name__ == "__main__":
#test_cases = read_file("foo.txt")
test_cases = next_case(sys.stdin)
for idx, case in enumerate(test_cases):
shield, sequence = case
num_moves = get_moves(sequence, shield)
print("Case #%d: %s" % (idx+1, str(num_moves[2])))
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