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My answer to the second problem of the Code Jam. It has a small error: Instead of printing "Case #1:" it's printing "Case 1:" ... small things :D
import sys
def trouble_sort(L):
# in place sorting
done = False
while not done:
done = True
for idx in range(len(L) - 2):
if L[idx] > L[idx + 2]:
done = False
L[idx],L[idx+1], L[idx + 2] = L[idx + 2], L[idx+1], L[idx]
def assert_list(sorted):
# there is a bug, but I don't see it
idx = 0
while idx < len(sorted) - 1:
if sorted[idx] <= sorted[idx+1]:
idx += 1
return str(idx)
return "OK"
def fast_sort(unsorted):
list1 = unsorted[0::2]
list2 = unsorted[1::2]
# concatenate the list
unsorted[0::2] = list1
unsorted[1::2] = list2
def next_case(file):
test_cases = list()
num_cases = int(file.readline())
for case_idx in range(num_cases):
N = int(file.readline())
read_list = [int(elem) for elem in file.readline().split(" ")]
assert len(read_list) == N
return test_cases
if __name__ == "__main__":
test_cases = next_case(sys.stdin)
for idx, case in enumerate(test_cases):
N, test_list = case
result = assert_list(test_list)
print("Case %d: %s" % (idx+1,result))
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