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What + Why + When + What effect = Annotaion


Elements and Principles of Design

The elements of design are the marks we make on a page, and they are the starting point for creating designs in an infinite number of ways, either by hand or with a computer. Before we can analyze the work by past and present professionals, we need to understand the design elements as they enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of any example of visual communication and design.

Elements Principles
Point Figure-ground
Line Contrast
Shape Balance ( Symmetrical / Asymmetrical )
Form Pattern ( Repetition / Alternation )
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#!/usr/bin/env lua
local website = ""
local mapping = {
home = "/",
about = "/about/",
projects = "/projects/",
newstyle = "/newstyle/",
search = "/search/",
posts = "/posts/",
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Last active Oct 18, 2018
编程随想的扫盲 HTTPS 第一期

扫盲 HTTPS 和 SSL/TLS 协议[1]:背景知识、协议的需求、设计的难点 - 复制自编程随想的博客


  要说清楚 HTTPS 协议的实现原理,至少需要如下几个背景知识。

  1. 大致了解几个基本术语(HTTPS、SSL、TLS)的含义
  2. 大致了解 HTTP 和 TCP 的关系(尤其是“短连接”VS“长连接”)
  3. 大致了解加密算法的概念(尤其是“对称加密与非对称加密”的区别)
  4. 大致了解 CA 证书的用途
View jquery-s2t.min.js
!function(t){function e(t,e){var n,i,u,f,o,c,l,d=""
if(e?(c=r,l=a):(c=a,l=r),"string"!=typeof t)return t
return d}function n(t,i,r){var a,u
if(i instanceof Array)for(a=0;a<i.length;a++)n(t,i[a],r)
else u=t.getAttribute(i),""!==u&&null!==u&&t.setAttribute(i,e(u,r))}function i(t,r){var a,u
if(1===t.nodeType)for(u=t.childNodes,a=0;a<u.length;a++){var f=u.item(a)
n(f,["title","data-original-title","alt","placeholder"],r),"INPUT"===f.tagName&&""!==f.value&&"text"!==f.type&&"hidden"!==f.type&&(f.value=e(f.value,r)),i(f,r)}else 3===f.nodeType&&(,r))}}var r=new String("万与丑专业丛东丝丢两严丧个丬丰临为丽举么义乌乐乔习乡书买乱争于亏云亘亚产亩亲亵亸亿仅从仑仓仪们价众优伙会伛伞伟传伤伥伦伧伪伫体余佣佥侠侣侥侦侧侨侩侪侬俣俦俨俩俪俭债倾偬偻偾偿傥傧储傩儿兑兖党兰关兴兹养兽冁内冈册写军农冢冯冲决况冻净凄凉凌减凑凛几凤凫凭凯击凼凿刍划刘则刚创删别刬刭刽刿剀剂剐剑剥剧劝办务劢动励劲劳势勋勐勚匀匦匮区医华协单卖卢卤卧卫却卺厂厅历厉压厌厍厕厢厣厦厨厩厮县参叆叇双发变叙叠叶号
View fym-short-url.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
const http = require("http");
const url = require("url");
const fs = require("fs");
const yaml = require("js-yaml");
var server = http.createServer(recievedRequest);
server.listen(8063, "::1", function() {
console.log("Start serving...");
View fortunes.json
"content": "我从来不把安逸和快乐看作是生活目的本身,对这种伦理基础,我称之为“猪栏的理想”。",
"author": "爱因斯坦"
"content": "人生中最大的两个财富是:你的才华和你的时间。才华越来越多而时间越来越少。我们的一生就是用时间来换取才华。"
"content": "这辈子没法做太多的事情,所以每一件都要做到精彩绝伦!",
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