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osu!web Alternative Dark Mode User CSS Changelog

osu!web Alternative Dark Mode User CSS

Style should be updated automatically by the extension, but if it does not, feel free to manually do so.

Reminder to use Stylus because Stylish and steal browsing history.

0.4.0 (March 13)

  • Fix fonts in other areas such as web chat and user posts page
  • Revert some elements which affect the overal flow of the new better looking colorized pages


  • Fonts fixed for body and post content. Exo font may be rendered differently however.


  • Style is now hosted directly from a gist (easier installation, more reliable update stream)
  • Varius changes that I do not specifically remember


  • Color links on index page corresponding to the subforum's stripe color
  • Apply Open Sans again on post content. If the font is not displaying for you, just get it here:
  • Simplify the new reply box to look more clean, revert flash color to original
  • Darken borders between posts for more visible seperation
  • Brighten spoilerboxes for better contrast
  • Revert/adjust some elements to suit the new forum post design


  • Revert Open Sans import as its used again by default
  • Adjust background triangles


  • Import Open Sans to make sure it works for everyone


  • Style the index items a bit more like the old web (experimental)
  • Apply Open Sans font on post content (they broke it?)
  • Slight corrections here and there


  • Corrections to new index design: revert font to Exo 2, margin/padding adjustments, etc.


  • Fix forum subscriptions page not being affected by the style


  • Lighten post signature field slightly to be distinguishable.


  • Darken the forum, forum post, poll, promote feature panels slightly
  • Correct coloring for nested subforum elements
  • Apply post highlight to the post body itself only.
  • Correct coloring to bbcode notice/spoiler element.
  • Other things I probably cant remember.


  • Restore the forum triangle background accordinly to the theme.
  • Remove the bottom "mark forums as read" section from the index.
  • Further fixes to more elements across pages.
  • Remove custom header shadow to avoid color mismatch across other pages.


  • Revert and/or correct elements across all forum pages to address the new colorization update.
  • Remove a joke


  • Adjust background tint and text for new usercard design


  • Fix profile page's account standing info element text
  • Correct page-extra__title borders to not affect --small sub-titles
  • Apply styling to error page header gradients
  • Apply styling to post loading element


  • Color each sub on the forum index page!
  • Revert store header notice text to orignal


  • Apply styling to beatmap discussion timeline reply box.


  • Apply styling to post signature content top border.


  • Correct styling for comment pages (posting, sorting, loading more comments)
  • Apply styling for post highlight


  • Apply styling for new beatmapset sorting options
  • Apply styling for sticky header beatmapset search bar


  • Set proper color for post count info text on forum posts.


  • Fix color for osu-page--generic-compact making things look excessively dark.
  • Apply styling to new Feature Request subforum elements: thread sorting options, feature request voting.
  • Apply specific height to thread topic element in FR only due to the extra star rating tooltip.
  • Apply styling for "view latest post" arrow.


  • Fix beatmap ranking tabs color and font weight.
  • Apply styling to difficulty counts on beatmapset panel items.
  • Apply styling to renamed elements in beatmapset search input.
  • Apply styling to post preview box.


  • Overhaul the new profile page
  • Fix padding issues with user action buttons


  • Stylize new comment sorting buttons
  • Fix nested comments having borders on the bottom
  • Update changes to the beatmap leaderboard table colors


  • Add styling to new beatmap page status/hype panel


  • Revert gradient scaling to 100% (header pin update)
  • Style new topic sticky header
  • Style comment section voting element accordingly across pages
  • Various fixes to profile page elements due to updates


  • Do not apply specific height to items such as Ranks profile section
  • Style changes to store elements (checkout notice, order details)


  • Apply dark theme to elements on comments page
  • Apply for seperate comment page aswell
  • Fix for comment input field border


  • Address changes made to profile "Ranks" section


  • Fix text on livestreams page


  • Darken poll entry bar fill color


  • Tone down the postcount number color on profiles
  • Style the achievement tooltips accordingly
  • Fixed "edited by" text on comments section


  • Remove all code for disqus features (forgot tehe)


  • Remove styling for contest listing and legend (looks better as it is anyway)
  • Fix beatmap page title text as a result of previous changes to texts across other pages.


  • Add styling for the new comment system (good riddance disquack)


  • Removed forum topic hover declaration
  • Fixed typo affecting homepage beatmap chevron styling not to work


  • Toned down the profile details/stats text color.
  • A more subtle look for the beatmap listing search box.
  • Further styling the beatmap pack entries listing.
  • Add a slight .2s fade animation to header menus.


  • Some color and layout tweaks to profile tabs
  • Tweaks for medals group, most played entries
  • Further tweaks to beatmap packs page
  • Brighter colors for some FontAwesome icons (map download, profile hambaga menu)
  • Some other small stuff I won't remember


  • Finally released on a userstyle host
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