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Last active Aug 29, 2018
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Passing through event listeners to widget view elements in Titanium Alloy.
function doClick(e) {
// Remove the event listener like this:
// $"click", doClick);
<Widget id="myWidget" src="my.alloy.widget" doClick="doClick" />
// Overwrite Backbone methods, as used in the generated code by Alloy:
// doClick ? $.__views.myWidget.on("click", doClick) : __defers["$.__views.myWidget!click!doClick"] = !0;
exports.on = $.label.addEventListener; = $.label.removeEventListener;
// Overwrite backbone aliasses:
exports.bind = $.label.addEventListener;
exports.unbind = $.label.removeEventListener;
// Support Titanium methods
exports.addEventListener = $.label.addEventListener;
exports.removeEventListener = $.label.removeEventListener;
// Overwrite Backbone trigger and Titanium fireEvent methods for convenience
exports.trigger = $.label.fireEvent;
exports.fireEvent = $.label.fireEvent;
<Label>Hello World</Label>
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budowski commented Mar 12, 2014

This seems to work on iOS but not on Android (at least not on 4.4):
At first, it seems events.js is trying to call _hasListenersForEventType (which is not exported). But even if I define that function (to return true for the click event), it still doesn't work.

Small note: Replace "doClick" with "onClick" in your example XML.

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budowski commented Mar 12, 2014

OK, this seemed to solve it on Android as well (I'm pretty sure it's not the best way to work around it):

exports.on = function(name, cb) { return $.label.addEventListener(name, cb); }; = function(name, cb) { return $.label.removeEventListener(name, cb); };
exports._hasListenersForEventType = function(name, flag) {
    return $.label._hasListenersForEventType(name, flag);

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