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FoxShadew/ Secret

Last active Mar 22, 2021
What would you like to do?

Last days have been quite stressful for me and I have been off from modding and coding for nearly two weeks now. I realised, most of that is caused by the fact that I have gone a bit too far with estimating my coding capabilities and having "promised" too many people to write their mods. I didn't want to break my promises, but unfortunately I have to. I'm also still just a fox anthro human.


These are the projects I've been working on, or which I've promised to work on:

  • Nature's Debris, a mod by me
  • Debug Tools, another mod by me
  • Some random platformer game by me
  • Minesweeper++, a Minesweeper app for Android by me
  • PTG, ShwUtil and ModUtil, some small useful libraries by me
  • The Midnight, a popular mod by Cryptic Mushroom
  • Marbles, a future mod by Dodo Gang
  • Sizzle, another future mod by Dodo Gang
  • A minecraft server project by a friend of mine
  • Pottos and Grottos, a mod idea by TheCraftyGhost
  • Valleys 'n' Vistas, a mod idea by YakiYuki

I really want to reduce things here and put some solid boundaries on what I will do and what not. So getting to the point, these are the projects I will definitely continue on:

  • Nature's Debris (Fabric only ffs)
  • Debug Tools
  • The Midnight
  • That platformer game and the engines that it depends on (ModL, Regulus)
  • Marbles
  • Sizzle
  • PTG, ShwUtil and ModUtil (these are essential for my other projects and I will maintain those which is only a little effort)

Other projects by me will be put on the backburner, will I ever decide to continue on them later. I'm very sorry to say it but I will abandon any other project that I did not mention above, whether I was about to do coding, assets or whatever else.

Notable is that I have been part of Team Hollow lately, quite solely for just fixing bugs and helping other coders there with more complex problems. I will continue to do this because it isn't that much work.

Less coding

In addition to abandoning projects, I'm going to do less coding in general. Coding is nice, but I did it every day nearly the whole day, which is now really stressing me out. I've found other hobbies which I want to do more. I want to do more drawing in general, since I've been enjoying that a lot lately.

Discord server

Oh yes, I also still have that server. I'm gonna clean this one up a lot because for a server of around 50 members it's layout is a bit exaggerated. I'll also no longer make it the server for Nature's Debris, but rather just a server to hang out with me. I might also instead make a new server but gotta think about that a bit more.

March 20, 2021

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