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Foxbyte / simple grid
Created Mar 10, 2014
A simple grid to create columns in your Corona SDK project.
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-- Screen size
local screenW, screenH, halfW, halfH = display.viewableContentWidth, display.viewableContentHeight, display.viewableContentWidth*0.5, display.viewableContentHeight*0.5
-- Grid
numberOfColumns = 16
columnWidth = math.floor( screenW / numberOfColumns )
function getColumnPosition( columnNumber )
return (columnNumber - 1) * columnWidth
function getColumnWidth( numberOfColumns )
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local currentLatitude = 0
local currentLongitude = 0
local updateGps = 5000 -- update Gps every X seconds
local locationHandler = function( event )
-- On update, stop listening to GPS signal to avoid battery draining
Runtime:removeEventListener( "location", locationHandler )
-- Check for error (user may have turned off Location Services)
if event.errorCode then
Foxbyte / test.lua
Last active Aug 18, 2018
CORONA LUA CODE: Calculate distance between 2 points and sort points (longitude, latitude) by your 'GPS position'
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function print_r ( t )
local print_r_cache={}
local function sub_print_r(t,indent)
if (print_r_cache[tostring(t)]) then
if (type(t)=="table") then
for pos,val in pairs(t) do
if (type(val)=="table") then
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