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> One thing I personally would like clarified: what separates an org.
> admin from a mentor?
An org admin is in control of making sure all the tasks get entered and
published in the system (with at least 1 mentor assigned to each task). You
are also in charge of making sure that the mentors are responding to students
in a timely manner. You will receive an email if a mentor has gone too long
without reviewing a task and you can review it or have another mentor review
it. You are the main contact with me as Program Admin as well. If there is an
issue with a student (saying someone copied their work, not getting a response
from a mentor, etc.) you will be the person I reach out to first to deal with
it. : ) Entering the tasks into the system and making sure there are always
enough tasks
Tasks must be reviewed within 36 hours of a student submitting the work for
mentor review but most orgs shoot for responding under 12 hours when possible.
Students get antsy if you don't respond quickly because they can't claim
another task until you have reviewed their first task. But don't get bullied by
the students who want their task reviewed within 5 minutes (you will get some
of those), they can wait it's okay.
What is expected of mentors in a nutshell:
1) To review student work within 36 hours (preferably under 24 hours, shooting
for 12 hours most of the time is the norm for orgs)
2) Answering students questions about their work or how to do a certain part of
the task (guidance) via IRC, group email (whatever your preferred
communication method is) in a timely manner.
3) Being welcoming to students and excited about introducing them into your
community (that will keep more students with you after the contest is over).
4) The best plan is to have your mentors take shifts so that someone is always
on your IRC channel or group email list to answer questions in real time.
5) To let the Org Admin know if they are not available for certain days
(holidays, sick, traveling, etc.) and the Org Admin has to make sure someone
else is covering that mentor's tasks.
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