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Alex and I may be going out to lunch at the local IKEA Monday, so I will
probably not be around to lead the meeting (or for the meeting at all).
If so, my review:
Attended the GCI Winners summit/meeting/thing with gcilou and opatel99
(and brief visit from CallerNo6).
Visited the Internet Archive together with CallerNo6 and Clint on
Friday, where we had a really good talk with Eric Blossom and Mek of the
Archive CD (or whatever it's called) team. (Mek has joined us as
mekarpeles at least in #musicbrainz, possibly also #metabrainz by now?
Eric sounded like he might also join us.)
Tried to keep somewhat up with IRC and forums, but have also been
distracted by new shinies (NewLaptop, new ODROID-C2, new Steam
Controller) and generally semi-vacationing and hanging out with
CallerNo6 and strycore (lead of #lutris).
The "GSoC midterm eval" topic is:
The GSoC midterm evaluations start today! All mentors, be sure to get
your midterm evaluations done ASAP, but before Monday at the latest.
(This is important, yo.)
Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen
MetaBrainz Community Manager
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