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Last active Oct 15, 2018
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overview of changes

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  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Release flow control after ack/nack (instead of after the callback returns).
  • pubsub/pstest: A lighweight fake for pubsub. Experimental; feedback welcome.
  • Support updating more subscription metadata: AckDeadline, RetainAckedMessages and RetentionDuration.
  • Add OpenCensus instrumentation for streaming pull.
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Don't backoff during next retryable error once stream is healthy.
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Don't backoff on EOF.
  • pstest: Support Acknowledge and ModifyAckDeadline RPCs.
  • Support labels on topics and subscriptions.
  • Support message storage policy for topics.
  • Use the distribution of ack times to determine when to extend ack deadlines. The only user-visible effect of this change should be that programs that call only Subscription.Receive need no IAM permissions other than Pub/Sub Subscriber.
  • Canceling the context passed to Subscription.Receive causes Receive to return when processing finishes on all messages currently in progress, even if new messages are arriving.
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Receive doesn't retry if an RPC returns codes.Cancelled.
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Receive retries on Unavailable intead of returning.
  • Fix deadlock.
  • Restore Ack/Nack/Modacks metrics.
  • Improve context handling in iterator.
  • Implement synchronous mode for Receive.
  • pstest: add Pull.
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