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GDmac / gw_categories select-menu
Created May 25, 2011
Select menu with gwcode_categories
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[select name="category[]" id="categories" multiple="multiple"]
{exp:gwcode_categories channel="locations_channel" style="linear"}
{if "{new_group}"=="yes"}
{if {cat_count}>1}
[optgroup label="{cat_group_name}"]
[option value="{cat_id}"]{cat_name}[/option]
GDmac / fullcal_demo.html
Created Dec 25, 2011
EE full_calendar demo, regular channel entries
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// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// template_group/fullcal_demo
<script type='text/javascript'>
// for start_on and stop_before parameters format 2011-12-25 13:00
function myDate(d) {
return d.getFullYear() + '-' +
(d.getMonth() < 9 ? '0' : '') + (d.getMonth()+1) + '-' +
GDmac / eecms cats with posts
Created Feb 23, 2012
Mysql joining 3 tables with possible entries
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$query = "
c.cat_id, cat_name, count(t.status) AS count_posts
exp_categories c
LEFT JOIN exp_category_posts AS p
ON p.cat_id = c.cat_id
LEFT JOIN exp_channel_titles AS t
ON t.entry_id = p.entry_id
AND t.status != 'closed'
GDmac / gist:2000022
Created Mar 8, 2012
CodeIgniter Curl Head first
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/* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* This fetches the header only for a remote page.
* Pro's:
* - when fetching static stuff (images, css, html)
* you can first compare modified date or statuscode (304)
* Con's:
* - hitting a heavy webapp with dynamic content might be slow,
* you essentially hit the remote page two times
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/* Event Helper, set an event to april first
* it won't show in the channel:entries
* but the archive wil show an entry for april
{exp:channel:entries channel="events"
year='2012' month='04'
show_expired='yes' show_future_entries="yes"
GDmac / gist:3216550
Created Jul 31, 2012
ExpressionEngine Snippets
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ExpressionEngine Snippets

Safe_cracker Select author

<select name="author_id">
  {exp:query sql="SELECT member_id AS member_author_id, username AS member_username, screen_name AS member_screen_name FROM exp_members"}
  <option value="{member_author_id}" {if member_author_id == author_id}selected="selected"{if:elseif  member_author_id == logged_in_member_id}selected="selected"{/if}>{member_screen_name}</option>
GDmac / gist:3667859
Created Sep 7, 2012
EE Preload replace double trick
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main template

{embed="group/template" preload='{{preload_trick}:pre_url_title="special"}'}

embedded template

if called via embed you can override the preload_replace once more.
It will insert the embed-variable and parse it early.

{if segment_3==""}{preload_replace:pre_url_title="fallback"}{/if}

GDmac / gist:3694530
Created Sep 10, 2012
Codigniter and MySQL GET_LOCK
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- codeigniter, by default, uses persistent database connections, this is problematic in that the
lock is never automatically released on connection termination (what else is to expect with persistent
connections). However after a script ends you also never can RELEASE_LOCK() anymore, at least it didn't
work overhere while testing. The script really has to make sure to release the lock before ending
(shutdown_function) if it uses persistent DB connections.
GDmac / matchparser.php
Created Sep 25, 2012
LOCO parser library MatchParser
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class MatchParser extends MonoParser {
private $first;
private $second;
public function __construct($internals, $first, $second, $callback = null) {
if($internals[$first] !== $internals[$second]) {
throw new GrammarException("Can't create a ".get_class()." first and second should be the same type");
GDmac / pi.test_plugin.php
Created Sep 27, 2012
test_plugin for conditionals
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<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
$plugin_info = array(
'pi_name' => 'Test_plugin',
'pi_version' => '1.0',
'pi_author' => 'GDmac',
'pi_author_url' => '',
'pi_description' => 'Testing stuff',
'pi_usage' => Test_plugin::usage()