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Workaround for therubyracer Issue 158 (
echo "Installing devel/libexecinfo ( see 'ports/156993: lang/v8 missing dependency to devel/libexecinfo' at ) ..."
cd /usr/ports/
cd devel/libexecinfo
make install clean
echo "Sourcing RVM ..."
source /etc/profile.d/
cd ${LIBV8_PATH}/build/v8
echo "Backing up SConstruct ..."
cp SConstruct SConstruct_`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
echo "Adding -fPIC flag ..."
echo 'WARNING: The sed command will affect the configuration for other operating systems as well!' >&2
sed -i "" "s/ 'CCFLAGS':.*\['-ansi'\],/ 'CCFLAGS' : \['-ansi', '-fPIC'\],/g" SConstruct
${LIBV8_PATH}/build/scons/install/bin/scons arch=x64
gem install therubyracer
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