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//========= Copyright © 1996-2005, Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose:
// $NoKeywords: $
#pragma once
#include <vguitextwindow.h>
#include "video/ivideoservices.h"
class CMainMenu : public vgui::Panel
DECLARE_CLASS_SIMPLE( CMainMenu, vgui::Panel );
CMainMenu::CMainMenu(vgui::Panel* parent, const char *pElementName );
bool IsVideoPlaying();
void StartVideo();
void StopVideo();
void OnThink();
void OnVideoOver();
void SetNextThink( float flActionThink, int iAction );
void GetPanelPos( int &xpos, int &ypos );
void Paint( void );
bool BeginPlayback( const char *pFilename );
void ReleaseVideo();
void SetBlackBackground( bool bBlack );
void DoModal( void );
MESSAGE_FUNC( OnDisconnectFromGame, "DisconnectedFromGame" );
bool m_bLoaded;
bool m_bToolsMode;
bool m_bPaintVideo;
float m_flActionThink;
int m_iAction;
CMaterialReference m_MainMenuRef;
IVideoMaterial *m_VideoMaterial;
IMaterial *m_pMaterial;
int m_nPlaybackHeight; // Calculated to address ratio changes
int m_nPlaybackWidth;
char m_szExitCommand[MAX_PATH]; // This call is fired at the engine when the video finishes or is interrupted
float m_flU; // U,V ranges for video on its sheet
float m_flV;
bool m_bBlackBackground;
bool m_bAllowAlternateMedia;
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