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WR triage

Here is a quick explanation of how webrender does triage

Untriaged bugs can be found here.

Triaging a wr bug means setting a priority and marking it as blocking a given stage.

In doubt? Go with "stage-wr-trains P2", since it will probably get retriaged once we're further along.


  • stage-wr-nightly: windows+nvidia, unacceptable to expose to nightly testers
  • stage-wr-trains: windows+nvidia, unacceptable to expose to stable users
  • stage-wr-next: all platforms/hardware
  • stage-wr-backlog: nice to haves, theoretical cleanups and optimizations


note: wr-nightly is only P1s

  • P1: very important - looking to find owners and land fixes asap -- could be blocking other WR development or solid use of the feature - Can't get into beta with these unresolved.
  • P2: not blocking other developers or solid use of the feature, but it shows a regression or correctness problem that we can't ship with. We can ride into beta with these, but they need to be fixed before we ride-to-release
  • P3: looks like a real problem, but not blocking in the way P1 or P2 is. Should be scrubbed to determine if it really needs to block shipping to release.
  • P4-P5: don't use? (put in wr-backlog)

notable metabugs:

  • wr-android: needed for that platform specifically
  • wr-mac: needed for that platform specifically
  • wr-perf: performance bugs
  • webrender-site-issues: issues affecting real websites

quick rules:

  • crashers:
    • infrequent: stage-wr-next P3
    • frequent: stage-wr-nightly P1
    • unsure: stage-wr-trains P2
  • imperfect rendering: stage-wr-next P1
  • very bad rendering:
    • common: stage-wr-nightly P1
    • uncommon: stage-wr-trains P2/P1
  • perf issues:
    • severe: stage-wr-nightly P1
    • common: stage-wr-trains P2
    • rare: stage-wr-backlog
  • intermittents: stage-wr-backlog (unless serious, then someone will prod us)
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