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WooCommerce Subscriptions | Redirect subscriber with active WC subscription when logging in
function freshy_redirect_role($user_login, $user) {
if( in_array( 'subscriber',$user->roles ) ){
//The next two lines are to check if the user has an active subscription
//in the Woocommerce Subscription plugin... if so redirect to custom path instead of WooCommerce default My Account page
if( function_exists( 'wcs_user_has_subscription' ) ) {
// Indicate whether a given user has a subscription to a given product with an optional status filter
// FYI: If the status filter is left empty, the function will see if the user has a subscription of any status
// check the user's ID, for any product ID, that has an active status ... if met returns true
if( wcs_user_has_subscription( $user->ID, '', 'active' ) ){
wp_redirect('/member-home/' ); exit;
add_action( 'wp_login', 'freshy_redirect_role', 10, 2);
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