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class Graph(object):
def __init__(self):
self.nodes = {}
self.nodes is a mapping between a node and a mapping of nodes that
can be reached with a set of possible source nodes:
self.nodes = {
'fromNodeA': {
'toNodeB': set(['ifComingFromC', 'ifComingFromD', ...]),
'toNodeE': set(['ifComingFromF']),
Each node is represented by a unique string.
def addEdge(self, (node1, comingFrom1), (node2, comingFrom2)):
Adds an edge to this graph between node1 and node2. This edge can be
walked in direction node1 -> node2 only if coming from a node in
comingFrom1, and respectively, in direction node2 -> node1 only if
coming from a node in comingFrom2.
Complexity: O(1)
Note: comingFrom1 and comingFrom2 can be any iterable, but only
set/frozenset types allow for the best O complexity in the
following methods.
# Add the nodes for both directions, as the graph is not directed.
self.nodes.setdefault(node1, {})[node2] = comingFrom1
self.nodes.setdefault(node2, {})[node1] = comingFrom2
def isEdge(self, comingFrom, passingBy, goingTo):
Returns True if there is an edge between passingBy and goingTo
accessible when coming from comingFrom.
Complexity: O(1)
Note: compelxity may be O(n) where n is the number of directions if
the direction type does not support O(1) lookup.
return comingFrom in self.nodes[passingBy][goingTo]
except KeyError:
# passingBy not in self.nodes
# - or -
# goingTo is not in self.nodes[passingBy]
return False
def destinations(self, comingFrom, passingBy):
Returns a set containing all possible destinations (i.e. edges between
passingBy and all other nodes in the graph) when coming from
Complexity: O(n) where n is the number of edges exiting from passingBy.
dests = set()
for node, directions in self.nodes[passingBy].iteritems():
if comingFrom in directions:
except KeyError:
return dests
def sources(self, passingBy, goingTo):
Returns a set containing all possible source nodes which allow to
walk the edge between passingBy and goingTo.
Complexity: O(n) where n is the number of edges entering passingBy.
return self.destinations(goingTo, passingBy)
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