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Code for a blog post about a silly AppleScript to move Safari windows back up after a bug in Safari moves them down on wake from sleep sometimes. The post is here: This script moves all Safari windows up the same amount to keep their relative positioning and moves them up as much as possible while still …
-- Put in the public domain with zero warranty of any kind
-- only tested on macOS 11.6, with Safari 13.0; ymmv
use scripting additions
tell application "Safari"
set windlist to windows
log "Examining " & length of windlist & " windows..."
set lowestYWindow to first item of windlist
set lowestYValue to get second item of (get bounds of lowestYWindow)
repeat with wind in windlist
-- log (get name of wind)
-- log (get bounds of wind)
set curValue to second item of (get bounds of wind)
if curValue < lowestYValue then
copy wind to lowestYWindow
set lowestYValue to curValue
end if
end repeat
-- subtract out the title bar (hard coded - bad dog!)
set yOffset to lowestYValue - 25
if yOffset > 0 then
log "moving " & length of windlist & " windows up " & yOffset & " pixels"
repeat with aWind in windlist
set aBounds to (get the bounds of aWind)
-- debugging - log the windows we're about to move's starting bounds
-- log {"Window ", (get the name of aWind)}
-- log {"Starting bounds: { ", aBounds, " } "}
set the second item of aBounds to ((get the second item of aBounds as integer) - yOffset)
set the fourth item of aBounds to ((get the fourth item of aBounds as integer) - yOffset)
set the bounds of aWind to aBounds
-- debbugging - then log where we put it
-- log {"Modified bounds of window: { ", (get the bounds of aWind), " } "}
end repeat
display alert ("The highest window is already at the top! Not moving any windows!")
end if
log "done"
end tell
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