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AppleScript to eject mounted local disks. Written for when I'm going to take my laptop off my desk and am disconnecting from my TB hub.
-- AppleScript I wrote to eject mounted USB disks before I disconnect my USB-C hub.
-- Notes:
-- this will halt a time machine backup to a locally mounted
-- drive when it tries to eject it.
-- will also halt a time machine backup to a network destination.
-- tested in macOS 11.6 (2021.11.19)
-- License: MIT
tell application "System Events"
set ds to get disks
-- for debugging
if false then
log "list of disks: "
repeat with d in ds
log (get the URL of d)
log (get the name of d)
end repeat
end if
log ("Ejecting local ejectable volumes")
repeat with d in ds
-- before we try to do anything with this disk
-- try to access the disk and catch any errors
-- as a way to test if the disk is still present.
-- set a flag that we can test below.
set diskAvailable to true
set trashme to (get the name of d)
on error errormsg number errorno
if errorno is -1728 then set diskAvailable to false
end try
-- Notes:
-- ejectable excludes sparse volume mounts for time
-- machine, but also means other ejectables aren't unmounted…
-- ...decided to remove this in the if clause below and let it halt
-- time machine backups even for network volumes also
-- since I'm generally calling this script when I'm disconnecting
-- the laptop and heading out.
-- d is not ejectable and ¬
-- starts with "Data@" excludes time machine local snapshot
-- mounts during backups
-- starts with file:///Volumes excludes file:///System/Volumes/...
-- system volumes.
-- local volume excludes network mounts
if diskAvailable and ¬
d is local volume and ¬
the URL of d starts with "file:///Volumes/" and ¬
the displayed name of d does not start with "Data@" then
log ("........ ejecting: " & (get the name of d))
tell application "Finder" to eject (get the name of d)
else if diskAvailable then
log (" Skipping: " & (the URL of d))
log (" Skipping disk that is no longer available")
end if
end repeat
log (" all ejectable local volumes ejected")
end tell
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