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function removeEmoji($text) {
$clean_text = "";
// Match Emoticons
$regexEmoticons = '/[\x{1F600}-\x{1F64F}]/u';
$clean_text = preg_replace($regexEmoticons, '', $text);
// Match Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
$regexSymbols = '/[\x{1F300}-\x{1F5FF}]/u';
$clean_text = preg_replace($regexSymbols, '', $clean_text);
// Match Transport And Map Symbols
$regexTransport = '/[\x{1F680}-\x{1F6FF}]/u';
$clean_text = preg_replace($regexTransport, '', $clean_text);
return $clean_text;
echo isset($_POST['value']) ? removeEmoji($_POST['value']) : '';
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