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Download Chrome Nightly Builds on OS X
# Script for auto-updating chrome nightly builds
# Once in a while this will need updating. They like to move the source periodically.
# See: for info
LATEST=`curl -s`
echo "Fetching $CHROMEURL"
/usr/bin/curl -L "$CHROMEURL" -o /tmp/
echo "Unzipping"
/usr/bin/unzip -o -qq /tmp/ -d /tmp
echo "Stopping existing Chromium (if necessary) and moving old file to trash"
/usr/bin/osascript -e "
tell application \"System Events\"
if exists (some process whose name contains \"Chromium\") then
tell application \"Chromium\" to quit
end if
end tell
tell application \"Finder\"
if exists (file \"\" in folder \"Applications\" of startup disk)
move file \"\" in folder \"Applications\" of startup disk to trash
end if
end tell"
echo "Moving new Chromium in to place"
/bin/cp -Rf /tmp/chrome-mac/ /Applications
echo "Cleaning up"
/bin/rm -rf /tmp/chrome-*
echo "Done"
open /Applications/
exit 0
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