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/* Default font-family and default 16 size */
:root {
--bullet-one: '●';
--bullet-one-pos-top: 5px;
--bullet-one-size: 9px;
--bullet-two: '■';
--bullet-two-pos-top: 5px;
--bullet-two-size: 9px;
--bullet-three: '○';
--bullet-three-pos-top: 3px;
--bullet-three-size: 11px;
--bullet-four: '◆';
--bullet-four-pos-top: 3.5px;
--bullet-four-size: 9.5px;
.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .HyperMD-list-line .task-list-item-checkbox:hover {
cursor: pointer;
} .HyperMD-list-line-1 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-5 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-9 .list-bullet:after {
content: var(--bullet-one);
font-size: var(--bullet-one-size);
top: var(--bullet-one-pos-top);
} .HyperMD-list-line-2 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-6 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-10 .list-bullet:after {
content: var(--bullet-two);
font-size: var(--bullet-two-size);
top: var(--bullet-two-pos-top);
} .HyperMD-list-line-3 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-7 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-11 .list-bullet:after {
content: var(--bullet-three);
font-size: var(--bullet-three-size);
top: var(--bullet-three-pos-top);
left: -0.13ch
} .HyperMD-list-line-4 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-8 .list-bullet:after, .HyperMD-list-line-12 .list-bullet:after {
content: var(--bullet-four);
font-size: var(--bullet-four-size);
top: var(--bullet-four-pos-top);
left: -0.2ch
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GitMurf commented Nov 23, 2021


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GitMurf commented Nov 23, 2021

You may have to tweak the root variable values depending on your theme, font-family, and default font-size.

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