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Created December 8, 2021 12:12
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Cold fusion examples
#hash("Password1!", "SHA-512", "UTF-8")#
# output - ECB3548B49FEFA9C984EC134FA362B3316EC8CC4C044B3A71444EED538ECC39461FE5D4DD1D71287FCD2B1C3354CC36873956B3E15229B5ACBDACDA276BABED1
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same code snippet for js

var pwd = "Password1!";
var hash1 = function (str) {
    return crypto.createHash('sha512').update(str).digest('hex').toUpperCase()
#output is the same as cold fusion - ECB3548B49FEFA9C984EC134FA362B3316EC8CC4C044B3A71444EED538ECC39461FE5D4DD1D71287FCD2B1C3354CC36873956B3E15229B5ACBDACDA276BABED1 

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