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x86_64-darwin quasselClient
x86_64-darwin krunner-pass
x86_64-darwin maia-icon-theme
x86_64-darwin libsForQt5.alkimia
x86_64-darwin almanah
x86_64-darwin libsForQt511.alkimia
x86_64-darwin mate.mate-polkit
x86_64-darwin gnome-recipes
x86_64-darwin zoneminder
x86_64-darwin gnome3.nautilus-python
x86_64-darwin strongswanNM
x86_64-darwin networkmanager_dmenu
x86_64-darwin gmic-qt-krita
x86_64-darwin virt-manager-qt
x86_64-darwin connman_dmenu
x86_64-darwin packagekit
x86_64-darwin udiskie
x86_64-darwin k9copy
x86_64-darwin atom-beta
x86_64-darwin polkit
x86_64-darwin packagekit-qt
x86_64-darwin mate.mate-control-center
x86_64-darwin falkon
x86_64-darwin libsForQt512.alkimia
x86_64-darwin mate.mate-settings-daemon
x86_64-darwin quassel
x86_64-darwin atom
x86_64-darwin latte-dock
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