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cstrahan: rustc, rustc, rustc, rustc
havvy: rustc, rustc, rustc, rustc
worldofpeace: gnome2.gtkdoc, python37Packages.anytree, python38Packages.anytree, gnome2.gtkdoc, gtk-doc, python37Packages.anytree, python37Packages.anytree, gtk-doc, gnome3.zenity, python27Packages.anytree, python38Packages.anytree, gnome2.gtkdoc, gnome3.zenity, gnome2.gtk-doc, gnome2.gtk-doc, gnome2.gtkdoc, python27Packages.anytree, gnome2.gtk-doc, python27Packages.anytree, gnome2.gtk-doc, gtk-doc, python38Packages.anytree, python27Packages.anytree, python37Packages.anytree, gnome3.zenity, python38Packages.anytree, gtk-doc
lovek323: fam, gamin, gamin, xorg.xcbutilcursor, xorg.xcbutilcursor, xcb-util-cursor, fail2ban, xorg.xcbutilcursor, gamin, fam, fail2ban, fail2ban, libgsf, fail2ban, xcb-util-cursor, libgsf, libgsf, fam, gamin, xcb-util-cursor, portaudio2014, fam, portaudio2014, xcb-util-cursor, libgsf, portaudio2014, xorg.xcbutilcursor
afldcr: polybarFull, polybar, polybarFull, polybar, polybarFull, polybar
msteen: libdbusmenu, libdbusmenu-gtk3, libdbusmenu-gtk2, libdbusmenu-gtk3, libdbusmenu, libdbusmenu-gtk2, libdbusmenu-gtk3, libdbusmenu-gtk2, libdbusmenu
edolstra: fail2ban, fail2ban, fail2ban, fail2ban
filalex77: polybarFull, polybar, polybarFull, polybar, polybarFull, polybar
fpletz: fail2ban, cacert, fail2ban, fail2ban, cacert, fail2ban, cacert, cacert
psub: gnome2.gtkdoc, gnome2.gtkdoc, gtk-doc, gtk-doc, gnome2.gtkdoc, gnome2.gtk-doc, gnome2.gtk-doc, gnome2.gtkdoc, gnome2.gtk-doc, gnome2.gtk-doc, gtk-doc, gtk-doc
hedning: gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity
jtojnar: gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity
cillianderoiste: sord, lv2, lilv, serd, sord, sord, sratom, serd, lilv, serd, epoxy, epoxy, sratom, lilv, sratom, lv2, lv2, epoxy, epoxy
globin: rustc, rustc, rustc, rustc
madjar: rustc, rustc, rustc, rustc
lethalman: gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity, gnome3.zenity
andrewmorsillo: libevdev, libevdev, libevdev
matthewbauer: gst_all_1.gst-plugins-good, gst_all_1.gst-plugins-good, gst_all_1.gst-plugins-good, gst_all_1.gst-plugins-good
retrry: cargo, cargo, cargo, cargo
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