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Edit XML file and Update Values in Java
// Edit XML file by updating values using Java
Editor editor = new Editor("path/XMLData.xml");
// Create XML editing options
XmlEditOptions editOptions = new XmlEditOptions();
// Prepare and Edit the Editable Document
EditableDocument beforeEdit = editor.edit(editOptions);
// Edit XML
String originalTextContent = beforeEdit.getContent();
String updatedTextContent = originalTextContent.replace("John", "Samuel");
List<IHtmlResource> allResources = beforeEdit.getAllResources();
// Create new EditableDocument with updated content
EditableDocument afterEdit = EditableDocument.fromMarkup(updatedTextContent, allResources);
// Create WordProcessing save options
WordProcessingSaveOptions wordSaveOptions = new WordProcessingSaveOptions(WordProcessingFormats.Docx);
// Create TXT save options
TextSaveOptions txtSaveOptions = new TextSaveOptions();
// Save edited XML data in DOCX and TXT format, "path/updated-xml-data.docx", wordSaveOptions);, "path/updated-xml-data.txt", txtSaveOptions);
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